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Name: Koriand'r
Nickname: Starfire
Race: Tamaranean
Sex: Female


  • Motivation:
  • Koriand'rs gentle nature has always led her on a path of doing the right thing. Now that she can never return to Tamaran she is trying to settle on Earth and to protect her new home and new friends. Though she is not very Familiar with Earths culture yet she wants to learn and make new friends. Above All else she fights to protect others.
  • Origin:
  • Born as Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, She was originally the second in Line for the throne after her Older sister, Komand'r. But when her Sister contracted an illness in her childhood that prevented her metabolism from using the solar energy her body absorbed to power the ability to fly and the super strength that all Tamaraneans posses, she was deemed unfit to become the planets Ruler. And so the succession of the throne passed to Koriand'r. Her sister never forgave her for this, and when the two were send to train with the Warlords of Okaara as part of their upbringing, that anger came to an eruption as Komand'r nearly killed her sister during a sparing match. Though it was considered an accident and she forgave her sister. Komand'r in turned vowed to have her revenge upon her sister and force her people to acknowledge her.
  • That revenge came in a plot where Komand'r allied with Tamarans ancient enemies, the Citadel. By supplying them detailed information about Tamaran's defenses the citadels forces conquered Tamaran with ease, killing the sisters parents in the assault. As the Tamaraneans were distraught by the loss of their rulers the citadel Issued their ultimatum, surrender princess Koriand'r and Tamaran would be spared from destruction. When she surrendered herself to the Conquerors for the good of her people, she was lead before her sister who revealed the plot that she had hatched. While keeping her sister imprisoned, Kommand'r declared herself Queen of Tamaran and publicly staged 'negotiations' with their conquerors to gain the trust of her people. Koriand'r's older sister made the most of her sister imprisonment and tormented her for years by forcing her into slavery and by having her beaten for Komand'rs twisted enjoyment.
  • Eventually Komand'r became bored with merely tormenting her sister and decided to sell her off to the Psions, a group of sadistic alien scientists, for experimentation. However the Aliens pulled a double cross and captured both sister to perform a deadly experiment on them. In an effort to see how much energy their Tamaranean bodies could absorb before exploding from the overload, the cruel scientists exposed the sisters to constant radiation. However as an unexpected side effect Koriand'r, now saturated with solar energy, unleashed a devastating pulse of energy from her body that disintegrated the bonds that held her and killed the Psion scientists in the process. She found that she now had the abillity to use what she later dubbed starbolts - destructive blasts of solar energy. Even though she had not forgotten her sisters plot and the years of abuse, she could not bring herself to leave her sister to die, and against her better judgment, she decided to free Komand'r, who was still absorbing energy. However, far from grateful, Komand'r struck her sister down with her own version of the Starbolts, as a result of the experiment she had absorbed so much energy that despite her childhood illness her powers had returned to her.
  • The two sisters then engaged in a climactic duel as Komand'r could not risk letting her sister survive to tell their people of their rulers deceit. Though their battle was intense in the end it was Koriand'r who was victorious. As she raised her hand to deal the final blow she again hesitated. As Komand'r fell silent she lowered her hand and told her sister that even though everything she had done to her could never be forgiven, she was still her sister. But just then the two were reminded that they were still on a ship full of enemies as the Psion's forces flooded the room. The two sisters then teamed up, though reluctantly, to escape from the ship. But Komand'r was shot with a powerfull energy sapping weapon that drained her of all the energy in her body. Though her sister took down the remaining Psion scientists the weakened Komand'r feeling like she was about to die burst into tears and professed that she was sorry for everything before losing consciousness. Unwilling to abandon her sister Koriand'r fought her way to the shuttle bay with her sister hanging onto her back.
  • She stole a shuttle and escaped the Psions. She then used her starbolts to share some of her own solar energy with her sister. Remorsefull Kommand'r told her sister she would atone for her crimes and turn herself in so Koriand'r could take her rightful place as queen. But she reminded her sister that the Citadel would destroy Tamaran if she ever returned. She told her sister that she could never return home, but that if she was trully sorry she should become the Queen Tamaran needed. The two parted ways with that promise. Unable to ever return home Koriand'r wandered the universe to find a place to be her new home. What she found was earth.

Abillity Scores

Strength: 4 / 10 / 12 (Lifting Only)
Stamina: 2 / 6 / -
Agility: 4 / - / -
Dexterity: 2 / - / -
Fighting: 10 / - / -
Intellect: 2 / - / -
Awareness: 2 / - / -
Presence 4 / - / -


Dodge: 4 / 10 / -
Parry: 10 / - / -
Toughness 2 / 6 / 12
Fortitude 2 / 6 / 8
Will 2 / 6 / -


Melee: 10 / 12
Ranged: 2 / (12 with Starbolts)
Initiative 8 / -
Speed 30 / 900


ALL-OUT ATTACK Take a penalty of up to –5 on your active defenses and add the same number to your attack bonus.
ATTRACTIVE 2 +5 Circumstance bonus on Deception and Persuasion versus People who are attracted to her.
EVASION You have a +2 circumstance bonus to Dodge resistance checks to avoid area effects.
IMPROVED INITIATIVE +4 to initiative Checks
JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES You can use any skill untrained, even skills or aspects of skills that normally cannot be used untrained.
POWER ATTACK Take a penalty of up to –5 on your attack bonus and add the same number to the effect bonus.
UNCANNY DODGE You are not vulnerable when surprised or otherwise caught off-guard. You are still made vulnerable by effects that limit your mobility.


Acrobatics Agl 1 +4
Athletics Str 1 +4/10
Close Combat Fgt 0 +4/12
Deception Pre 2 +4/9
Expertise Int - +2
- Tamaran Culture Int 2 +2
- Tamaran Cooking Int 2 +2
Insight Awe 0 +2
Intimidation Pre 0 +4
Investigation Int 0 +2
Perception Awe 2 +2
Persuasion Pre 4 +4/9
Ranged Combat Dex 10 +2 (Star Bolts)
Sleight of Hand Dex 0 +2
Stealth Agl 0 +4
Technology Int 0 +2
Treatment Int 0 +2
Vehicles Dex 0 +2


Star Bolts Ranged Damage 10, N/A, N/A, Homing, 21 PP
- Star Burst Damage 10, Area (Burst), N/A Alternate Power 1, 1 PP
- Melee Damage 0, Multiattack, N/A Alternate Power 1, 1 PP
Solar Strength Enhanced Strength 6 N/A, N/A, N/A, 12 P
Solar Defence Enhanced Stamina 4, Protection 6 N/A, N/A, N/A, 14 PP
Super Strength Enhanced Strength 2, N/A, Limited (Lifting Only), N/A, 2 PP
Solar Sustenance Immunity 10 (Life Support), N/A, Limited (Requires UV Radiation), N/A, 5 PP
Solar Flight Flight 5 + Environmental Adaptation (0G), N/A, N/A, N/A, 12 PP
- Space Flight Movement 3 (Space Travel), N/A, N/A, N/A, 1 PP
Language Absorption Comprehend Languages 2, N/A Limited (Requires Physical Contact, N/A, 2 PP

Total Point Value

  • Abilities 60 + Combat 2 + Defense 12 + advantages 8 + Skills 12 + powers 71 = 165